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Welcome to The Deadly Arnold with Josh Liston - "A podcast sent back in time to save your creative future; to change your artistic fate." ~ No Fate But What We Make. 

Jun 25, 2017

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In this episode of the show Josh talks about applying Pressfield's "Research Diet" idea from his book Do The Work to his new audio production venture, Soup To Nuts podcasting. He also shares his first impressions of the 2017...

Jun 5, 2017

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In this episode of the show Josh finds himself sharing a story about how he came to the conclusion that he's starting a side-business called "Soup to Nuts Podcasting" to help people edit their podcasts and get more and better sounding...

May 28, 2017 [ a production of ]
In this episode Josh asks the question "what is the correct balance between regular output for your creative efforts and content-perfection?"

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Feb 26, 2017 [ a not-for-profit production from ]
In this episode josh is joined by musician and author Ari Herstand (USA) to discuss his latest book "How To Make it in the New Music Business" - a book that the mighty Derek Sivers has described as "The single best book on the current music business."...