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Welcome to The Deadly Arnold with Josh Liston - "A podcast sent back in time to save your creative future; to change your artistic fate." ~ No Fate But What We Make. 

May 28, 2017 [ a production of ]
In this episode Josh asks the question "what is the correct balance between regular output for your creative efforts and content-perfection?"

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Feb 26, 2017 [ a not-for-profit production from ]
In this episode josh is joined by musician and author Ari Herstand (USA) to discuss his latest book "How To Make it in the New Music Business" - a book that the mighty Derek Sivers has described as "The single best book on the current music business."...

Feb 15, 2017 [ a not-for-profit production from ]
In this episode josh is joined by author David Sax (CAN/USA) to discuss his latest book The Revenge of Analog - one of Josh's must-read books of 2016 for artists and/or anyone who grew up sharing and enjoying analog things.

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Feb 1, 2017 |

Today Josh is joined by Professor and author Aaron Perzanowski.
Aaron is the Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University and also the co-author of one of Josh's favourite books of 2016, The End of Ownership (co-authored with Jason Schultz).

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Jan 10, 2017 |

In this episode Josh shares something that has been bugging him lately.

"Creative people spending their energy, focus, time (and even hard earned dollars) trying to work out ways off skipping the HARD WORK that drives all but the rarest of creative careers."